Sshhh, Tou, Mmm
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Awarded with ADI-FAD Medal 2002

2002 | Prototype | Design by Ariadna Miquel  

Light corduroy fabric, padded polyurethane and knitted elastic cotton fabric

Sshhh, Tou, Mmm is a collection of three ‘wearable objects’ designed to accommodate gestures or needs that may arise during any given day. The transitional object of babies it is camouflaged as a ‘wearable object’ for adults. A blanket, a scarf and a t-shirt that with very simple folds on basic forms, are transformed by providing other functions. Zippers and magnets hidden in the seams can generate pockets, a soft element or even a space to escape for a while. It is a piece of privacy, where to take refuge and find yourself in the middle of this hostile environment that can be a city.